Bad Mouth1.Still in Love – (featuring David Salas)
2.Need You In My Life – (featuring Damon/MC Magic)
3.Confessing My Love – (featuring Myra)
4.Hurt Inside – (featuring Abusivo Rigo Luna)
5.I Be Cruzin
6.Meet us At The Bar – (featuring Kiki Smooth/Nico Tha Jett)
7.Heating Up – (featuring Dos Caraz/Dicky Rankin)
8.Drop It To The Floor – (featuring Dos Caraz/Slow Pain)
9.Hoppin Droppin – (featuring Big Sinz/Mr. Blue)
10.Operate The Swisher – (featuring Dos Caraz)
11.Give You What You Want – (featuring PJ The Gator/Que No)
12.Porn Star – (featuring Cecy B)

Thump Records

You can find this album at any 7 eleven or in other main stores.