Welcome To My Life

1. Welcome To My Life
2. My Interview
3. Sexy Lady
4. We Can Make it Feat. Sicc 2 Sicc
5. My Life Feat. My Mom
6. Riding Clean Feat. Cali Boy, Oso Vicious
7. Thugs Cry Feat. Alley Kat
8. Skit (Voicemails) Feat. Oso Vicous, Doll-E Girl, Alt the Saint, Mr. Criminal, Dido Brown, Troub Nasty, Kriminale, Fiesty 2 Guns, Midget Loco, Lil Cuete, Mc Pancho
9. Live & Die In LA Feat. Chino Grande, Oso Vicious, Melli Mel
10. Let’s Take A Ride Feat. Sicc 2 Sicc, D-Salas
11. Welcome To The S/S Feat. Lyrical, Midget Loco
12. Like A Low Low
13. Sprung
14. They Dont Understand Feat. Melii Mel
15. Listen To The Sound Feat. Big Tazz
16. Murdersquad Anthem Feat. Sicc 2 Sicc
17. Westcoasting Feat. Kokane
18. In The Streets All Day Feat. Juan Gambino
19. Bonnie & Clyde Feat. Doll-E Girl
20. Hard To Carry on
21. End The Beef Feat. Mr. Criminal, Sicc 2 Sicc

Murder Squad Entertainment
Loone Bin Productions