1. They Don’t Know Feat. Crazy Boy, Young Creeps, Rico
2. Rock the Spot Feat. Don Cisco, Rebel, Sara S.
3. Good Times, Bad Times Feat. Crazy Boy, Boxx
4. Give It to Me
5. The 17th Floor Feat. Prophecy
6. Your Love Is Bomb
7. Love You Right Feat. T-Dre and Teresa A.
8. Think of You Feat. Don Cisco and E.J.
9. Let Me Sleep Feat. Crazy Boy and Teresa A.
10. Let’s Go Feat. Crazy Boy, Macky Loks, Kim Kyser
11. Pimp On Feat. Rebel, Boxx
12. One of a Kind Feat. Mr. Capone-E
13. Way Back Then Feat. Teresa A.
14. The D.L. Feat. Sara S.
15. Listen Boo Feat. Lil Rome
16. Buzzin’ Feat. T-Dre, Rayleen