Da block is a group made of two brothers tech (Sergio Rosales) and two much (Josue Rosales) raised in the streets of west los angeles they had to endure a lot of negativity because of where they resided. Older brother tech was the first one to start rapping being influence by his friends who used to pressure him to battle rap other mc’s just for fun. Tech kept practicing till i got easy for him to battle anyone and it was not for fun any more, younger brother two much started seeing older brother tech practicing at the house so much that he started getting into it himself. Tech an two much are so much of competitors that they started battling against each other every day at their house just to practice and see who was the best but you could be the judge of that. Tech and two much moved out of Los Angeles to the city of Whittier where they met new friends new surrounding and had a favorite hangout spot. The name da block came about because that was everyones favorite hangout spot and when tech and two much decided to get serious with there rapping career it was easy for them to name the group. Da block started getting serious in 2003 making songs in a home made studio that a friend had made but that was cut short do to transportation and not having the right equipment to really put the songs out. Da block did no stop doing what they loved so they started performing infront of friends at party’s just to keep active and they finally got a break when they where offer free studio time. Tech and two much finally got the chance they where waiting for so they recorded their first mixtape songs hitting the streets hard. The songs made such an impact that they where being contacted by many promoters wanting them to perform. Da block has been hitting the streets hard now with a street team behind them, they are stronger than ever going on tours, being booked for the whole 2007 year, and performing with big names. Kush, Henny and Coke is the name of their first mixtape. There has been a lot of tension between black and brown in the community lately but through this music da block is trying to burn down barriers to prove that we can work together as one. In 2009 da block got their big break when they got a call from hot dollar and guerilla black to join dollar figga and it been a blessing for them to have more doors open for them after they join this label. Da block will be releasing a lot of mixtapes and albums so hopefully they will come to a city near u..

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