Mal Hablado

Mal Hablado

El Mal Hablado a hustla from the streets started rapping at the age of 17. He began writtting music at the age of 16. Writting poetry for a project for his language arts class. His project was so good that his teacher told him he had talent in writting. His teacher gave him some books to read and study, one being Edgar Allen Poe’s complete book of short stories and poems. Mal Hablado also known as testament began to write poetry and short stories eventually converting it into rap beats as time progressed. As he grew up he listen to NWA, Rakim, Wu-tang, Snoop Dogg and Nas to name a few. He started freestyling at the age of 18, meaning just rhymes off the top of the head with nothing written. He stopped writting and concentrated on rhyming on beats he had made on cassette tapes. he would record stuff of the radio and would just record a piece over and over till he had an instrumental. For many years he never told any one about his rhyming talent. He kept it to himself for years till he felt he was alright enough to rhyme. There was many times he wanted to rap at parties but didn’t do it, till he went to a gradution party and got some Jack Daniels in his system. There was some guys in front of the DJ rapping on the microphone. He walked up and got in his first cipher, finally the mic was passed to him and his natural instict took over and just started flowing to The Luniz “I GOT 5 On It”. For years he practiced freestyling and his time came taking over the mic and his presence was felt getting the attention of the whole party! His primos friends were shocked to hear him rap with such style. People would hit him up to see if he had any tapes or CDs for sale.

As he grew older he began to work to try to make a living. He gathered enough money for a computer and a $12.99 plastic mic from Circuit City and began recording freestyles at his house. Still hustlin’ he soon bought himself a set of Technique 1200s and a cheap mixer. Where he found his second love cutting up vinyl records. Spending a lot of time rapping and mixing in his room alone and away from his homies he kicked it with. Every once and a while he still roll with them places and try to make money.

As time progressed some of his homies got busted and locked up. He also lost friends to street violence and drugs. He began working at the Santa Fe Springs swap meet were he met DJs DECOY and DJ CREATOR. He began to go out to house party’s in all of southern California. They would mix house and Mal Hablado a.k.a Omar G would spin Hip-Hop. He never lost his love for Hip-Hop and kept rhyming, specially at house parties. When he would mix people would come up to him and ask if he had any good instrumentals to rhyme over, Malhablado being an emcees said yeah if you pass me the mic after you! Mal Hablado a.k.a Omar G would battle other emcees at parties for fun cause he love to battle rhyme. DJing and emceing was his life, mixing at a party almost every weekend his name spread through the party scene as the DJ who will burn you on the mic.

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Mal Hablado joined the Marine Corps. to get money for college. He wanted to be a Music Engineer but the school he wanted to enroll in was too expensive. He joined the Corps. and had great success being promoted in boot camp over 52 other recruits. He never forgot about his verbal skills even in boot camp he would rhyme in his head to release his frustration. He worked hard a showed a lot of heart being one of the heaviest recruits, to one of the fastest and leanest recruits. he graduated boot camp and continued to mct. Military combat training were he spent 2 months and then was shipped to Missouri were his job training began. There he met 4 emcees that were marines and were also into rhyming every day rhyming with them at night before heading off to bed. They created an emcee crew called S.S.D. for swift silent & deadly, which broke up after 9 months of training when they were all deployed to different places all over the world. Mal Hablado had the most luck being stationed in Seal Beach, California close to his hometown Norwalk. He spent most of his money on recording equipment. His third year he hurt his back in training when he was lifting up 150 howitzer rounds to be loaded into a 5 ton. Now discharged from the Marine Corps. he had to start from scratch and resorted back to were he knew he could make money hustlin. All his equipment he had to sell to pay for his bills while he was recovering from his back injury. He began to hustle again chillin at his cousins rhyming with them once and a while mainly focused on making money. More money more problems lock up a couple times he would bounce right back like if he never left taking care of his business.

He started another crew with his cousin and a friend called RMD (Rockin Micz Daily) and came out with many mixtapes that ran through the streets. They were that little Hip-Hop crew from Mollette Street and would have punk rock and hip hop parties!!. His luck changed when one of the mixtapes got into the hands of a long time friend Kid Decoy. That Gave him an opportunity to make music but there was a catch, it was Spanish rap. That’s when Mal Hablado was born. Mal Hablado had never flowed in Spanish but spoke Spanish he quickly changed in the matter of 3 months began to dominate the Spanish language. He began to go to the studio that belong to David Salas. Were he met other rappers that are doing great things today People offered to ghost write for Mal Hablado but he did not accept their offers. He had more pride than that and made it clear that he was a real man and wanted his voice to be heard. Writting, reading, speaking, and learning he had finally master the Spanish language. Rhyming with some of the best in the industry he kept up with the skill of others with so little time rhyming in Spanish. Mal Hablado is an individual with a lot of heart and will never give up even if the task is impossible he will try his best to shine. He is now one of the most anticipated Spanish rap artist in the market a struggle that started many years ago and he has paid his dues in the street,in the studio, and with music in general