Mr. Midget Loco

What’s up Raza! This is Mr. Midget Loco from the Charlie Row Campo. I grew up in the crazy calles of Boyle Heights where the gang activity was very active. Survival was a must in these rough streets. I then relocated to the city of Rosemead where I stood some years but of course I ended up back to my first love Boyle Heights. No one can take that from me. I grew up in a familia of hardcore gangsters from different varrios but of course I went with my bloodline Primera Flats where my jefe was from . I took on the code of respect because I grew up with the an old saying if you give respect you wil receive respect in return. In the 93 or about 94 I picked up the art of chicano rap where back in those days the rap game was mainly a black thing. Homies could’nt stand as ese trying to get his flow on but now it’s a thing of the past. I hooked up with my good camarada Chino Grande of wicked minds we then decided to come up with Charlie Row Records which he actaully came up with I just co signed it. You know how us vatos from the calles do it. We now are working on many projects so be on the look out for us. As for myself I will be having my solo album “Bloodline Flatline” coming to a hood near you so be on the look out for htis album which features some of the talented artist in this game. Till next time con respecto Mr. Midget Loco Charlie Row Campo. Awa!

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  • Bloodline Flatline