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Bring Out The Freak In You

Bring Out The Freak In You from Jaime G. on Vimeo.

El Bumper (remix)

El Bumper (Remix) from Jaime G. on Vimeo.

Summer Nights

Summer Nights from Jaime G. on Vimeo.

Mas Maiz

Mas Maiz from Jaime G. on Vimeo.


Homegirlz – Lala from Jaime G. on Vimeo.

O.G. Playboy

Bio Comming soon… » Latest Albums O.G. Playboy

Chino Grande

Chino Grande comes with an explosive album. Releasing plenty of product throughout the year this will be his first solo album and very anticipated. Chino Grande has been very active with shows, appearances and magazines spots and upcoming theatrical movies releases. With great features and his number 1 hit single. » Latest Albums Still Active...

Mr. Trippalot

Mr. trippalot has just released his second solo album RECKLESS LIFE ,this album is filled with life melodys and hard hitting street story’s with a banging twist of west coast up tempo beats, if you bought his first album MY WAYS then get ready for another classic !!!reckless life!! » Latest Albums Reckless Life My...

Lil Rob

Lil’ Rob knows that many rap fans have a hard time relating to artists who constantly glorify hard-to-obtain material items. That’s why the legendary San Diego rapper chooses to remain rooted in reality. With a string of successful underground albums, from 1997’s Crazy Life to 1999/2000 Natural High/High Till I Dieb Rob has become a...

Mr. Badmouth aka Mal Hablado

El Mal Hablado a hustla from the streets started rapping at the age of 17. He began writtting music at the age of 16. Writting poetry for a project for his language arts class. His project was so good that his teacher told him he had talent in writting. His teacher gave him some books...

Ese Lil Joker

Biography Coming Soon… » Latest Albums Dear Vato Evil Ways Nothin’ But the Real Thing

Lil Yogi

Biography Coming Soon… » Latest Albums My Only Way Out Real Chicano Mixtape