I Pledge To Tha Streets

Expected release date will be October 13, 2009. Album features will include Organized Cartel, Mr. Criminal, Seven, Mr. Shadow, Spanky Loco, Lil Yogi, Rocky Padilla, and Selo.

Produced By: Tiny and Chito

Executive Producer: Mr. Clever

Cover Design: Hiban Huerta (

Clever is one of the pioneer rap figures from the Santa Ana, Ca area notably known for its old school funk sound. One-third of the up-and-coming rap group “Organized Cartel,” Clever writes and is the executive producer for the group’s albums. This is his second solo album. Along with his group, he has worked with many West Coast Rap Platinum/Gold legends such as MC Eiht, Goldie Loc, Kokane, Bad Azz, Mr. Criminal, Mr. Shadow, Mr. Capone-E, Spanky Loco, just to name a few.


1. I Pledge To Tha Streets
2. Organized Crime Cartel –  Mr. Criminal, Organized Cartel
3. Hit ‘Em Up – Seven, Chito
4. Real Ridaz – feat.  Rocky Padilla, Lil Yogi
5. I Know You Hate Me
6. Clever Tha Don
7. From SA to SD – Mr. Shadow, Organized Cartel
8. Land of Gangstaz
9. El Campo – Phrome, Lil Man, Organized Cartel
10. Still Cruisin’ Bristol – Organized Cartel
11. Aqui Estoy – Phrome, Organized Cartel
12. Connected & Respected – Chito
13. Everyday We’re Hustlin – Organized Cartel
14. You Know It’s On – Organized Cartel, Selo
15. End of the Week – Organized Cartel, Selo
16. I Ain’t Ready – Spanky Loco, Spookie
17. SA’ers West Coastin’ – Organized Cartel, Da Enfamis
18. Cartel Side 4 Life – Chito, Sporty
19. I Pledge To Tha Streets Outro