New Music Video Just In. “Xtraordinary” by T-Weapons featuring Diamonique. This video boasts vibrant colors, beautiful women, and a storyline familiar to most artists: An attempt to balance home, profession & club life. Splattered with comedy and supported by bass-driven track, the “Xtraordinary” video has a braod audience appeal.

Xtraordinary from Jaime G. on Vimeo.

Directed & Edited by: James “Latin” Clark
Co-Director: Johnny Rose
DP: Matt Workman

Album: Just Begun
Label: Defiant Entertainment

What is Xtraordinary?
A self-respecting lady with goals and aspirations. She can go from the lecture hall or the office to dinner and the club, then start all over again. She balances the day and night with flying colors and can go from the honor roll to the red-carpet. She can be an athlete, a teacher or a model, it’s not about looks, it’s about style, grace, and drive.