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Diary Of A G

1. Gangster Prayer 2. It Ain’t About Me 3. Gnag Bangin’ S**T 4. Three of the Best from the West – Mr. Capone-E, 5. Real Riders – Glasses Malone, Mr. Capone-E 6. South Sider’s Most Wanted. – Mr. Capone-E, Mr. Criminal 7. Lupillo Rivera (Shout Out) [Corrido Skit] 8. Light My Fire – Mr. Capone-E,...

Medicine Girl

1.Made 2.Up In Da Club 3.The Chosen 4.Rollin’ 5.I Should Be Your Girl 6.Hood Melody 7.Medicine Girl 8.It Ain’t Easy 9.Take U Home 10.Senses 11.Morning High 12.Red Guitar 13.H.O.T. G 14.My Warriors 15.A Thug’s Girl 16.Little Pieces Carolyn Rodriguez

Uncut for the Calles: Mextape

1. Pocos Pero Locos Intro Ft. Khool Aid 2. Mi Vida Loca (Cisco Kid Flow) Ft. Ese Daz of Spanish Fly 3. Get High 4. Get Back Ft. T-Weaponz 5. For the Streets Ft. Lil J the Mex Connect 6. Form the SD to H-Town Ft. Lucky Luciano 7. Three Amigos Ft. Low G &...

Throwdest Playas Down Souf

1.Introduction, The 2.Stacked My Cash 3.Ima Get It 4.Rock the Party 5.Tonight 6.So Nawfy 7.Like What 8.My Money 9.Spend the Night 10.Baddest Bitch I Ever Met 11.High Part 2 12.Playaz Roll 13.Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead 14.Another Riddla 15.Say Sumn 16.Get a Lotta Paper 17.How Ya Love It 18.Hollywood Pimpin 19.Folly Wayne 20.Move Around Steak and Shrimp...

Pimps up Hoes Down

1.Alligators 2.Me Don’t Care 3.Swimming Pool 4.Twilight Zone 5.I Can’t Call It 6.Who Yo Daddy (feat. Pimpin’ Win) 7.Seawall 8.Rich Nigga 9.Do Da Fool (feat. Quota Key) 10.Chop Dat Hoe (feat. Baby Bash, Jay Tee, Mac Dre, Don Cisco) 11.You Want Me 12.Pimp These Hoes 13.Outa This World (feat. Quota Key, Versa Nawf, Rasheed) Steak...

Johnny Paycheck

1.Intro 2.Nothing 2 a Boss 3.Each & Everyday 4.I’m Ballin Boy 5.Land of the White Cups 6.Cuban Cigar 7.High Calibore Pimp 8.Wreck the Mic 9.Lovely 10.Neighborhood Star 11.71 Tray to the 214 12.Nawfy Nawfy 13.They Don’t Want to See 14.Dope House All Stars 15.Walk On Toes Latin One Stop

You Already Know:Dropped And Dripped

1.Still Pimpin Pens 2.6 in Tha Morning 3.No Stopping This 4.Piece and Chain 5.Lost Cause 6.Da Real 7.Down South Playas 8.I Shine 9.Put Ya Cups Up 10.Hollywood Pimpin 11.Front Line Soldjaz 12.Still Watchin Me 13.Here Fo One Night 14.Swervin a Suburban 15.Playas Roll 16.Candy Toys Dope House

You already know

1.I Shine 2.No Stoppin This 3.Put Ya Cups Up 4.Candy Toys 5.Still Pimpin Pens(Nawfside Mexican) 6.Front Line Soljaz 7.Da Real 8.Palyas Roll 9.Hollywood Pimpin 10.Still Watchin’ Me 11.Down South Playas 12.6 in the Morning 13.Here Fo One Night 14.Swervin a Suburban 15.Piece and Chain Dope House