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I Got Your Back

1.Intro 2.Reasons 3.Do It Daddy 4.In Da Club 5.Soldier Boy 6.Cruizin’ 7.I’m Everything 8.Got Your Back 9.It’s the Mami 10.Welcome to California 11.Rollerz Only 12.No Other Can 13.Shot Caller 14.Don’t Want None 15.Queen of the Car Shows Triple X Entertainment

Street Shot Callers

Street Shot Callers 1.Intro 2.Shot Callers 3.Shut Them Down 4.Lucky 5.Sugar & Spice 6.Money & Respect 7.Got It on Lock 8.Illest & The Realest 9.Hustler’s Life 10.Who’s Ridin 11.Hey Mami 12.That’s the Way 13.Down to Ride 14.Doll-E Loves the Kids 15.Sweet Love 16.Outro Triple X Entertainment