Doll-e-Girl is one of the hardest working Chicana rappers in the market today. Since the release of her first album over four years ago, she has been building up a strong and loyal following of fans that can relate and understand the life that she talks about in her music because they lived it too. She has released five studio albums and after a successful run with Triple-X Records, All Day Everyday Records/Pannes Ave. “Still Banging Mafiosa Stories,” is her sixth album and first on her own label Set-Up Shop Records a sub-label of MIH Entertainment Group.

With fifth teen street bangers and tight production from Lyrik, Cricket Productions and Little Green Studios, some of the top West Coast Chicano rap producers in the business today; it’s not hard to see that Doll-e-Girl is ready to take her seat at the Chicano Rap Round Table.

There has been much talk on the streets from Doll-e Girl’s fans as well as on the Internet about her new sixth studio album “Still Banging Mafiosa Stories” which will be released in-stores and online December 14th, 2010. With her hit single “Never See Me Cry”.

Doll-e Girl has proved that if you have the heart, talent, and the drive you can do anything. Doll-e Girl continues to win the fans over with her natural warmth and sincere personality. Most of Doll-e Girl’s army of fans are females, Doll-e Girls fans are devoted hardcore to Doll-e Girl. Her fans can relate to the songs off her new album “Still Banging Mafiosa Stories.” Look for the new album available on iTunes and in-stores at Wal-Mart and FYE. The album will be available December 14th, 2010.

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