Big Geminii performed at the Key Club in Hollywood. ChaleOnline of course was invited backstage so that we can really know what’s going on with Big Geminiii. (Thanks Cecy). It was the first time I had ever been to the Key Club and man it was pretty coo. They have a camera there capturing the live on stage action and a big screen on top to view it. Also, if you watch the interview, you’ll see a flat screen there also televising that shit. What can I say about Big Geminii, he’s good people. His boys automatically hooked it up with the “drank” haha. I think He and his crew made whole thing pretty easy and with the help of Redshoe it was flawless.

Big Geminii interview from Jaime G. on Vimeo.

There were other people there like Safetyz who make underwear with pockets in them. yeah! Pockets heh. Coincidently a group named Geminiis was there representing and preforming. I can’t forgot The Suspect Nation chilling out and opening for Big Gem either. Shouts out to all you guys and hopefully we can catch each other again sometime.