1. The Uprise (feat. The Creeper, Mr. Blue and Outthand)
2. Rise To The Top (feat. Mr. Blue, Mal Hablado and Shotgun)
3. West Coast Bangin (feat. Big Sins, Mr. Blue and Blunted One)
4. Gangsters Hustlers Pimps and Macks (feat. The Creeper, Precise and Mr. Blue)
5. It’s A Banger (feat. The Creeper, T Dre, Blunted One, Precise and Mr. Blue)
6. Snake Pit (feat. Precise)
7. My American Dream (feat. Jaun Gambino, Mr. Blue and Lazy Menace)
8. Cycle Of Birth (feat. Lazy Menace)
9. Where’s My Riders At (feat. The Creeper)
10. Declaration Of War (feat. Precise)
11. We’re From The Golden State (feat. The Creeper, Loco Sniper and Lil Evil)
12. Live The Life (feat. Brown Hood, Blunted One, Mr. Blue and Tdre)
13. I Wanna Be With You (feat. Blunted One, Mr. Blue, Mz. Greedy and Mr. Groove)
14. I Had A Choice (feat. Outtahand)
15. At The Cantina (feat. Mr. Blue, Outtahand, Blunted One and Lady Athena)
16. Take My Time (feat. Blunted One, Mr. Blue And Outtahand)
17. Born & Raised (feat. Mr. Blue, Blunted One, Sikco and Outtahand)