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Game Don't Stop

Game Don’t Stop

1. Still the Southside 2. Big Bad Southland Gangster Click 3. Why You Want to Hate on Me 4. From the Land 5. Buster Please 6. Summertime 7. Thought You Haters Knew 8. Gangster Shit 9. G’s Ride 10. How We Ride 11. For the G’s and the Hustler’s 12. Keep Moving 13. Ride Mother...
Product of The State

Product of The State

1. Intro 2. Product of the State 3. Addicted to the Game Feat. Lil Yogi 4. I’ma Kill Em Ft. Slick 5. South Side Fontana 6. Riots Ft. Sicc 2 Sicc G’s 7. West Valley (Skit) 8. Fot that S.F. Hat 9. T.H.L. Ft. Slick 10. Dont Hate the Game Ft. Lil Yogi 11. True...
Welcome To My Life

Welcome To My Life

1. Welcome To My Life 2. My Interview 3. Sexy Lady 4. We Can Make it Feat. Sicc 2 Sicc 5. My Life Feat. My Mom 6. Riding Clean Feat. Cali Boy, Oso Vicious 7. Thugs Cry Feat. Alley Kat 8. Skit (Voicemails) Feat. Oso Vicous, Doll-E Girl, Alt the Saint, Mr. Criminal, Dido Brown,...
Death of Studio Gangsters

Death of Studio Gangsters

01. Intro 02. Death Of Studio Gangsters – Midget Loco 03. We Gonna Ride – Midget Loco, Spanky Loco, Stomper, Young Brown, R.I.P Bam 04. You Get No Love – Midget Loco, Toro, Young Brown 5. We Keep It Street – Midget Loco, Young Brown, Toro, R.I.P Bams 06. P’s Up – Midget Loco, Stomper,...

I Pledge To Tha Streets

1. I Pledge To Tha Streets 2. Organized Crime Cartel (feat. Mr. Criminal & Organized Cartel) 3. Hit ‘Em Up (feat. Seven & Chito) 4. Real Ridaz (feat. Rocky Padilla & Lil Yogi) 5. I Know You Hate Me 6. Clever Tha Don 7. From SA to SD (feat. Mr. Shadow & Organized Cartel) 8....

Lil Yogi

Biography Coming Soon… » Latest Albums My Only Way Out Real Chicano Mixtape

My Only Way Out

1. Who Is Lil Yogi 2. Chicano Rap 3. Westcoast Party 4. Do You Want Me Ft. Sicc 2 Sicc G’S 5. Lowrider Ft. Lyrical 6. Look Into My Eyes Ft. Smilone 7. Smoking Bombs 8. Stay Cautious Ft. Kriminal And Sicc 2 Sicc G’S 9. You Don’t Want None Ft. Lyrical And Casual 10....

Real Chicano Mixtape