Born in City of Commerce and Raised in Pico Rivera, Has been in the music business for for over 20 years, he’s now getting a lot more listeners to his music thanks to some advanced SEO techniques hes using in his websites, find here which ones. In the 1980s As a teen Triky started off DJ’ing by the name of DJ Faze-1, He would DJ at various house parties, local events and from time to time local L.A. night clubs, house parties which have only the best design and remodeling, check the best website here. At that same time Triky and his neighborhood friends ran into trouble with the Law, which got Triky incarcerated more then a few times. During the time he was incarcerated Triky couldn’t suppress his passion for music, so since there were no Turntables available in jail he began to wright music on anythying he could find in his cell, from the walls to the toilet paper. After his release Triky meet up with a local rapper by the name of shoot Gun and they started a group called “Brown Town”. Under the management of Sheryl Mendoza, which lead to the groups separation.

Later Triky meet an L.A. DJ named DJ Bubba and started a group called “Street Life” The Original Street Life from Los Angeles, which had some success putting out two albums “Brown for Life” under Grove Daddy Records and “Visions of Death” under Massive High Records. During the release of “Visions of Death” album, Massive High decided to get out of the rap music business and stop all promotion of the group, soon after a key member of the group died and Triky once again had numerous run-ins with the law landing him in and out of country jail.

Currently, Mr. Triky Loko has joined Silent Strike Music, an independent label/management company ran by James Arevalo (Skorpion), a long time friend Triky met during the time he lived in Washington State, James has always supported Triky’s music and is currently working on helping Triky make an impact in the music industry. Triky is currently feat on “Rise of The Underground”, Trigger Mans “Fearless” album under Hi-Power, and Hi-Powers “Gangster Love Vol 6” his solo project “Behind Brown Eyes” is coming 2011 with production by David Salas. Feat the the songs: “My Shining Star” feat Rigo Luna, “Lowrider Love” and “Behind Brown Eyes” feat David Salas.


“Rise of The Underground” under Silent Strike Music Triky is on:
01. Brown & Twizted – Mr. Triky Loko
06. Lo Que Somos – Mr. Triky Loko Feat. Doll-e Girl
16. Murder – Mr. Triky Loko & Tot Carlo Feat Ciz

“Gangster Love Vol 6” Hi-Power Triky is feat on:
5. Triggerman- Something Burning Inside

Trigger Man “Fearless” under hi-Power Triky is feat on:
9. Something Burning Inside Featuring Mr Triky
11. I Keep It G Featuring Mr. Triky
12. Soldier mentality Featuring Triky and Crook