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Street Shot Callers

Street Shot Callers 1.Intro 2.Shot Callers 3.Shut Them Down 4.Lucky 5.Sugar & Spice 6.Money & Respect 7.Got It on Lock 8.Illest & The Realest 9.Hustler’s Life 10.Who’s Ridin 11.Hey Mami 12.That’s the Way 13.Down to Ride 14.Doll-E Loves the Kids 15.Sweet Love 16.Outro Triple X Entertainment

What The Streets Created Part 1

1. Intro 2. G’z and Ridaz – (with Silent) 3. Guess Who’s Back 4. Silver Lake Riders – (with Listo/Villen) 5. Ride Is a Must – (with Locote) 6. Pistolas and Cuetes – (with Listo/Villen) 7. You Don’t Want to F**K With Us – (with Lil Sicko) 8. La Sangre No Esta Buena – (with...