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Medicine Girl

1.Made 2.Up In Da Club 3.The Chosen 4.Rollin’ 5.I Should Be Your Girl 6.Hood Melody 7.Medicine Girl 8.It Ain’t Easy 9.Take U Home 10.Senses 11.Morning High 12.Red Guitar 13.H.O.T. G 14.My Warriors 15.A Thug’s Girl 16.Little Pieces Carolyn Rodriguez

South Park Mexican

Originating in the Southern rap mecca Houston, South Park Mexican (SPM) slowly built up his own personally run record label, Dope House Records, for years before eventually signing a distribution deal with Universal Records. With the promising deal in place, SPM stood on the verge of extending his reach outside of the South and becoming...

The Last Chair Violinist

Disc: 1 1. A Baby’s Prayer – South Park Mexican, Ortiz, Jessica Mari 2. Swim – South Park Mexican, Coy, Carlos 3. Mexican Heaven – South Park Mexican, Coy, Carlos 4. The Last Chair Violinist – South Park Mexican, Coy, Carlos 5. Gangsterous – South Park Mexican, Coy, Carlos 6. The Ghost – South Park...


Castellana 1.That’s Me 2.It Ain’t Enough – (Quiero Mas Remix) 3.Ooooh 4.Caliente 5.Here We Go Again 6.Nada 7.Realest, The 8.Where Do We Go 9.Same Talk 10.Cuando 11.Fast Plane 12.Stopwatch 13.Summadat 14.Orale Dfo Music Group

Johnny Paycheck

1.Intro 2.Nothing 2 a Boss 3.Each & Everyday 4.I’m Ballin Boy 5.Land of the White Cups 6.Cuban Cigar 7.High Calibore Pimp 8.Wreck the Mic 9.Lovely 10.Neighborhood Star 11.71 Tray to the 214 12.Nawfy Nawfy 13.They Don’t Want to See 14.Dope House All Stars 15.Walk On Toes Latin One Stop

Only The Strong Survive

1. Big Los 2. Talk’s Cheap 3. Big Rims 4. Hood’s Hot 5. Got the Hood Locked 6. Do You Really Know 7. Don’t Test Us 8. South Side Till the Day We Die 9. More Bouce to the Pound 10. Everyone Has Its Day 11. Marijuana 12. Aqui en San Anto 13. Fuck Goldie...