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Lil Rob In The Booth "Oldies Collection Out Oct. 10th"

Lil Rob In The Booth “Oldies Collection Out Oct. 10th”

Footage of Lil Rob in the writnig and in the booth in what he claims is his pad. He’s working on his project titled “Lil Rob’s Oldie Collection” Coming out this year. He will also be performing at the Lowrider Super Show in Las Vegas october 10, 2010. Check out for more info.

Twelve Eighteen Part 1

1. My Turn – Lil Rob 2. Summer Nights – Lil Rob 3. Back in the Streets – Lil Rob 4. Superbad – Lil Rob 5. Playground – Lil Rob 6. What Am I Saying – Lil Rob 7. Ooh Baby Baby – Lil Rob 8. Bring out the Freak in You – Lil Rob...

Neighborhood Music

1. Intro – Lil Rob 2. I’m Still Riding Like That – Lil Rob 3. Neighborhood Music – Lil Rob 4. Can We Ride – Lil Rob / Wade, David 5. Back Up – Lil Rob 6. Bluffin – Lil Rob 7. Jost One of Your Kisses – Lil Rob 8. I Know How It...