Lil Rob

Lil Rob

Lil’ Rob knows that many rap fans have a hard time relating to artists who constantly glorify hard-to-obtain material items. That’s why the legendary San Diego rapper chooses to remain rooted in reality. With a string of successful underground albums, from 1997’s Crazy Life to 1999/2000 Natural High/High Till I Dieb Rob has become a favorite in Los Angeles, Phoenix and his native San Diego, largely because of his honest raps about everyday life. The gifted rhymer delivers another intoxicating batch of hits with his new and most potent album to date, bLil Robb on Upstairs Records. I’m still the Rob from my other jams, he explains. bMy fans like me because theybre hearing someone thatbs not talking about being a player, because Ibm not. Ibm not talking about bling-bling and rings, because I don’t. I’m talking about having low riders, because I do.

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